PDFlib – TET PHP Install and Example


I have Xampp Server on Windows your paths can be change depends on your server application.

Let’s download Latest Pdflib from this url.

  • If you are using Linux , OS X , Oracle , IBM etc.. visit the page and download latest.
  • Extract files..
  • You’ll see under this path ‘/bind/php/’   php-530_VS9 , php-540_VS9 , php-550_VS11  Pdflib support 5.3+
  • Select the correct php version library with your own. If you dont know
   echo phpinfo();
  •  Copy php_pdlib.dll to under your “php/ext”
  •  Open your php.ini your file and add “extension=php_pdlib.dll”
  • Restart your Apache and try phpinfo again..
  • You’ll see picture at the below
Pdflib install info
Pdflib Install Info

You can read this tutorial from original web site..

You’ll be able to add someting to exist’s pdf file draw images etc.. This is amazingly easy to use library..

What About TET ??

I’ve only used this library with Php but , this library supports all most everything 😀

Download Tet from this url which OS are you using it.. 

This won’t be the similar with PdfLib because there is no example in TET.

When you setup  it. Check your User folder  “C:\Users\PC\Documents\PDFlib\TET(Version)\bind\php”

  • From Now you can follow the similar steps with installing PdfLib
  • When you completed check your phpinfo() you’ll see this extesnsion at the below
Tet install
Tet install Info
$p = new PDFlib();
$tet = new TET();




Muharrem Tığdemir


Muharrem Tığdemir

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